Seagate Expansion 1TB External Hard Drive

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14500 13899
  • Drag and drop file saving, right out of the box
  • USB powered
  • Fast data transfer with USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Up to 1,000 hours of digital video
  • Up to 250 two-hour DVD films
  • Up to 320,000 digital photos
  • Up to 16,660 hours of digital music
  • Simple add-on storage that goes with youThe Seagate Expansion Portable hard drive offers an easy-to-solution when you need to instantly add storage to your computer and take files on the go.

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Digital photos, videos, and music files can tax your computer’s storage, causing performance to decline as its internal hard drive fills to capacity. The Expansion portable hard drive features a range of capacities, with the 1TB model offering enough data storage for:


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